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Stay motivated and accountable to practice at home by scheduling brand new classes & meditations into your week or practice when it fits you best by accessing the archives anywhere, anytime.

This isn't your typical yoga. This is 'do whatever the f*ck you want' yoga.

I don't believe that there is a 'right' or 'wrong' way to do yoga.

I believe that the only 'right' way to do yoga is the way that feels best for you, in your unique body, with your beautifully authentic set of needs.

Why should you add the Virtual Yoga Studio to your weekly practice?

  • No rushing after work to make it to your favourite class
  • No getting up early to fit it all in, just roll out of bed and practice in your pyjamas
  • No having to get there early to get 'your spot'
  • No judgment or wandering eyes from other students making you uncomfortable

Yoga classes at The Light House Virtual Yoga Studio are all about giving you space to holistically grow as a being: mind, body and soul.

The classes that you'll find here are designed to challenge you and make you uncomfortable so that you can learn about yourself and your Self.

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The Virtual Yoga Studio offers you a space to access brand new weekly classes and meditations. You can ALSO access all the archives so you can take your practice with you on the go.

This means you can:

  • Practice with an experienced teacher twice a week
  • Practice wherever you want, whenever you want
  • Access yoga in a way that fits your lifestyle and budget

Your membership includes:

  • 2 new yoga classes a month
  • 2 new meditations a month
  • Over 100 archived classes
  • Classes that go with you wherever, whenever


  • Monthly New and Full Moon Ceremonies hosted with Sanja
  • Monthly New and Full Moon Group Tarot Card Readings with Ally
  • Members-only access to The Living Room, a monthly live call for connection and community (launching May 31)
  • Exclusive discounts to The Light House programs

Exclusive access to:

  • Yoga Sculpt with Sue
  • Kundalini Yoga with Ashely
  • Bonus workshops with guest teachers

All this for one low price a month!

Get started now!

The Light House Virtual Yoga Studio offers two types of classes that are created for all levels of yogis.

Flow & Let It Go

This is a 60 minute class designed to help you connect with your body, breath, energy and intuition. Every class begins with a grounding breathing practice before you move into a gentle warm up. It then builds into a peak pose before you wind down with a meditation, relaxing and deep stretches and finally, everyones favourite part, Savasana.

These classes move fluidly so you can become familiar with what your body likes, wants and craves in the moment.

You are always encouraged to go at your own pace and modify poses to fit your needs and desires best.

Yoga Express

This is a 15 minute practice designed to help you fit yoga into your busy schedule. The focus of each class is always changing. Some classes are meant to ignite your chakras or help you relax and others are built to energize you for the day.

The purpose of Yoga Express is to give you a space that makes yoga accessible within your busy schedule.

Plus 10 Minute Meditations

These are designed to help you find a few moments of stillness and mindfulness during your week so that you can reconnect with the present moment and find your ease. The topic of each meditation changes and in the archives you can find meditations created to connect you to your intuition, help you release pain from your past and spread health and happiness into the world.

Who are these classes for?

  • Anyone wishing to deepen their yoga practice in an affordable and accessible way
  • All levels of yogi's, from new to advanced
  • Anyone who wants to deepen their understanding of their Self through a physical practice
  • Yogis who want to unite their mind, body, breath and spirit
  • Anyone craving growth as a human being and soul
  • These classes are not suitable for anyone who is pregnant and, of course, please consult with your doctor before starting any new physical activity.

Who are these classes NOT for?

  • Anyone looking to perfect their handstand or get a yoga butt
  • Yogis that only want an asana/pose focused practice

I love this set up I get to do yoga on my schedule without leaving the house! And it still feels like I’m part of a studio community! Ally is amazing! I highly recommend checking the virtual studio out!

- Crystal

Ally is a daily inspiration to me. Her enthusiastic and encouraging ways mean that I practice more often and that means I feel better and have more energy.
She offers high quality, well-rounded yoga classes that suit my changing needs. I especially love that her offerings include meditations, breathing practices and "peak poses" to work towards, for when I'm feeling more ambitious.
I like the "live" aspect as it's like being in a real yoga class but I don't have to worry about what my hair looks like.
With the library of recorded classes, I've got tons of variety to choose from anytime I want to practice. Health & Happiness Virtual Studio gives me the chance to have a yoga community that I don't have to leave home for. And that's something I need right now.

- Angela

This studio is great! Easy access to Yoga and Meditation sessions with an awesome teacher. You can do it all right at home or take it with you wherever you choose to practice that day. If you don’t have a studio to go to or feel more comfortable at home, but don’t have videos to watch (this was me), I highly recommend Ally’s classes. They are always comfortable and challenging in their own way. I enjoy them! Also don’t forget to smile, it makes it easier 😊

- Nicole

Course Curriculum

  Live Group Practices
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Create Your In-Home Studio
Available in days
days after you enroll
  60 minute Flow & Let It Go Classes
Available in days
days after you enroll
  15 Minute Yoga Express Classes
Available in days
days after you enroll
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Pranayama / Breath Control Practices
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Yin Yoga Bonus Class
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Divinely Guided Journal Preview
Available in days
days after you enroll

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have access to the classes?
You will have access to all new and archived classes and workshops as long as you remain a paying member of the Virtual Yoga Studio community.
What if I am unhappy with the classes?
You can unsubscribe at any time and due to the nature of the classes, there will be no refunds granted.
Do I have to know yoga to do these classes?
Nope! All classes are suited for all levels of yogi's. I offer plenty of variations so you can set your own challenge level.
Do I need props?
While I mention props to enhance your practice, they are never necessary. A few pillows and a blanket from your couch can come in super handy!
I have bad internet at home, can I still use this?
Of course! 1 class a month will be available to download and the Teachable app allows you to do the classes, workshops and meditations wherever, whenever.